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Gus being solmn

Gus being solemn

Thank you for coming to my website!  I invite you to look around and see what you think.  You can click on the links above, or you can click on the links on the right side of the page.  These pages will allow you to learn a little bit more about me, or answer any questions you may have about commissioning a portrait.

Please keep in mind that this page is currently a work in progress, so please come back often, as there will be lots more coming soon!

And if you find any problems as you’re looking around:  It’s not my fault!  🙂  My fantastic, wonderful, creative, smart, wonder of a son is making this website for me, so he will take care of any issues that may arise.  [Note from son:  I couldn’t help it, I had to take the opportunity to say some nice things about myself and throw some humor in there.  haha!]  [Another note from son:  If you’re interested in checking out my website or having a website built for your small business, here’s where you can go:  http://adambittheapple.com/ or http://adambittheapple.com/website-creation-services/]

Once again, enjoy my website, and I hope to have the honor of working on a portrait for you soon!